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About the project: “Armavir Development Center” (ADC) socio-economic non-governmental organization was established in 2005. The mission of the ADC is to collaborate for socio-economic progress” which aims to promote the collaboration of public, private and business sectors of Armavir region.
Armavir, area-wise the smallest region in Armenia, is densely populated and has many needs for development. For instance, the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region is far from being packaged and articulated for tourists. The closeness to the capital Yerevan makes the region attractive for Blitzkrieg tourism but runs short of offering longer engagement for tourists. Moreover, the region experiences high unemployment and labor migration rates. These and many other needs can be addressed through the right utilization of Tamanyan’s landmark (Tamanyan’s building is being renovated by the office of the community management of Bambakashat rural community).
The project’s main objectives are:
  • Capitalizing the existing resources in the region,
  • Making abandoned architectural monuments operational to develop the region,
  • Utilizing both capital investment and soft intervention to achieve a multiplier effect by creating supporting tourism trails and capacity building around it.
The project’s main activities include: 
  • Carry profound inventory of tourism services and potential in Armavir region;
  • Design solutions to the identified gaps
  • Design/deliver capacity building curricula in B&B management, digital marketing, authentic cuisine and sales;
  • Organize annual conferences aiming at unleashing hidden tourism resources of Armenia;
  • Design information packages for the top 12 attractions of the region which will form the Armavir Trail;
  • Produce documentaries and social media products;
  • Organize orientation workshops for government, tourism agencies and association of guides;
  • Design a learning and co-working space in the historical Tamanyan building in Bambakashat;
  • Provide high-tech vocational education and training to youth constituencies of the region;
  • Design/implement an annual summer school on Archaeological Tourism and a Scientist in Residence program in Tamanyan site.
The project’s main target audience and beneficiaries are:
  • Residents of Bambakashat area of Armavir,
  • Tourism agencies,
  • IT enterprises,
  • RA National Government with its Ministry of Economic Development and Investments and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development,
  • Development Foundation of Armenia.

What we have

  • The building - the area of the building is 1000sqm which hosts a 600 seat movie theater, co-working space, library, offices and an event area. Surrounding the building lies a 300sqm park.
  • ADC human resources.
  • ADC’s organizational space with necessary equipment.

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