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Project background: Countries that suffered from war, neutral disasters, poverty, etc., usually lag behind in psychological wellbeing of its population which, in its turn, impedes the sustainability of industries and prosperity of the country. There an evidence of this in Shirak region. In this area where people faced a devastating earthquake 30 years ago, there is the highest rate of child poverty, labor migration in the country, and a real need of good psychological centers and practicing psychologists.Students of the department of applied psychology and psychologists working for health institutions and private medical centers in Gyumri are equipped with theoretical knowledge. However, they need professional training on practicing theoretical and clinical skills to help people deal more effectively with life issues and psychological problems. Hence, the main goal of this project is to enable students and practicing psychologists to provide psychological counselling and assistance more productively through studying the role of psychological counselling, means, techniques and methods by practicing and analyzing a “role model” or a different model from the worldwide practice.The expected results of this project include:
  • Students of psychology department enriched/enhanced their practical knowledge in methods of providing psychological counselling and assistance.
  • Practicing psychologists improved their professional activity in providing psychological counselling.
  • Improved quality of work at state and private psychological centers in Gyumri.
  • Increased level of psychological wellbeing among population in Gyumri. 

What we have

Our resources are venue, facilities for the training.

What we need

We need an expert training the group of training participants on practical methods of psychological consultation and psychotherapy.

Experts who support this project


Lena Kocharyan

Clinical psychologist


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