Emili Aregak

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Charity and voluntary work

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The Emili Aregak Centre (EAC) is a support and resource organization for young people with disabilities (PWD) and their families in Gyumri, Armenia. The centre serves more than 100 children and teens on a weekly basis, providing various therapies, hygiene, nutrition, medical aid and transportation. As beneficiaries get older, staff at EAC work with them to cultivate soft and hard skills for the workplace through handicraft workshops, work in EAC’s barrier-free herbal garden and inclusive bakery, and an assortment of trainings. Through co-operations with more than 20 organizations and vocational schools along with awareness building through media and public events, perspectives are changing on the employability and teachability of PWD. Aregak Bakery promotes inclusive employment practice through promoting the perspective that PWD are assets in the workplace. Currently, four mothers of PWD and four PWD are employed at Aregak, while one more PWD volunteers.

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