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Gradarak Libraries

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“Gradarak” educational and cultural NGO was established in July 2018 as a result of the success of the library in Amrakits village and our determination to spread it throughout Armenia and Artsakh. Gradarak’s mission is to empower children and youth through reading, active learning and community projects. We want our communities to be consolidated, active and creative, we want our communities to thrive and to do so due to their inner power and collaborative work, not because of constant external interventions. With our mission in mind, we set an objective of renovation and creation of such modern and child friendly libraries that inspire to read, learn, discover and dream. “Gradarak” is a multi-functioning room that transforms in response to the need of its users: being a library, it is also a reading room, a study room, a learning center, a cinema, a school hall, a youth and a community center, an innovation hub. “Gradarak” is a special space for kids, one of the kind in the village, where they're encouraged to be who they are, open up, dive into their interests, discover their unique talents and recognise their potential.“Gradarak” is a room for dreaming big and sharing in a safe accepting environment, it’s a room for learning the joy of hardwork and getting the guidance and support to go after your dreams. Put it shortly, “Gradarak” rooms provide communities with quality books and our team ensures its active programming: we invite guests from around Armenia and beyond and organize workshops, master classes and lectures through which children, youth and adults can acquire knowledge and skills essential for succeeding in the 21st century. We believe that “Gradarak’ will foster happy courageous daring and socially active children and youth who believe in themselves and know their worth.

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Our team members speak English, Russian and Armenian. We have a part-time accountant and a lawyer volunteer.

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The expert is expected to raise funds to create more smart libraries throughout the country.

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