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Nation in Action

Образование и профессиональная подготовка

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The aim of the project is:

  • Reveal talents and rising stars in business development for the particular industry
  • Generate interest within the youth and professionals in research.
  • Foster the international knowledge transfer.

  • Attract investments to the industry from other businesses and public sector.
  • Institutionalization of competition between students, universities and research teams in relation to knowledge and professionalism

The results: 

The Prize fund of the competition will be provided to the team which wins the battle and should be spent on 3 main directions:

  • Scholarship for overseas education,
  • Development of professional skills,
  • Conduction of research in the particular field.

Expected benefits:

  • Promotion of the organizers (case owners),
  • Promotion of the universities or research teams,
  • Priority access to rising stars of particular Industry,
  • Access to the international knowledge and players,
  • New Networks.

Имеющиеся ресурсы

Our team consist of experts in business development, educational studies and event management with more than 10 years of experience. The team speaks English, Russian, Armenian. At the initial stage, the project does not require much technical equipment.

Необходимые ресурсы

Эксперты, которые поддерживают этот проект


Raffi Simonian

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