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Nreni Textile Factory in Tavush Seeks Expert in Clothing Patterning and Design

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Due to the recorded high rates of unemployment, child poverty and labour migration, Tavush has been selected as one of the four regions targeted by the Together4Armenia platform. Men often become migrant workers due to the unstable conflict situation on the Armenian-Azeri border; once work is found, their families usually follow. Consequently, labor migration has resulted in a loss of human capital in the province.On the other hand, for centuries Tavush has been renowned for the quality of its textile products. Women continue to practice traditional activities such as embroidery, carpet weaving, and tapestry weaving at the household level.One way to tackle unemployment would be to boost vocational skills, particularly the design, patterning, and sewing of clothes, carpet weaving, and embroidery among women and girls. Building capacity in these areas would help them find employment in a local textile factory or start their own enterprise.To this end, the project is looking for a volunteer Expert to train women from Ijevan and the surrounding communities in clothing design, patternmaking, and sewing. Because one of the project goals is to encourage members of the target group to start and sustain their own business, expertise in branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship are also needed. 

What we have

The main partner, Nreni textile factory, is contributing the workspace, facilities, and all required materials for the skills workshop.

What we need

We need an expert in clothing design, patternmaking, and sewing to train staff members of Nreni and other target audiences.

A specialist in the area of marketing and business development is needed in order to promote the Nreni products.

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